What do we do?

Letmespace allows individuals (and small companies) to contact others to share space to store and park their vehicles.
We are the first online platform to rent storage rooms, box rooms, parkings, workshops and other type of spaces between individuals..
Our platform allows our users to reach other members of our community with available and empty spaces and offer them for other uses such as storing or parking, always close by their home. At the same time, the users that need a space will be able to contact other members of our community if they find the space they need. A new way of renting in a collaborative way!

Who are we?

Letmespace is a young startup, created on June 2014, in one of the most innovative cities in the European continent, Barcelona. Allows users to contact others members of our community to share spaces between them. We are the first online storage room and parking platform between individuals.

Our company is inspired in the sharing economy movement and the responsible consumerism. It works in a sharing “peer to peer” model (also known as P2P or user-to-user). We wish to create the first (and biggest) community for space sharing between individuals.

Why do we do it?

We have realised that there are individuals with available space and others that actually need space to store. Why not connecting them? We believe that the sharing economy can bring great advantages for our society. Using Letmespace improves the local economy, helps re-use space without a value and decreases the amount of energy we waste and pollution we emit.

¡We want to make available all spaces to all individuals!